Fallschirmspringen Steiermark
Fallschirmspringen Steiermark
Fallschirmspringen Steiermark

Skydiving from a Helicopter

Skydiving from a AIRBUS Helicopter AS350
Engine performance: 732 SHP

The special experience
only on a few days a year

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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A jump from 3,300 meters from a powerful Airbus Helicopter AS350 with 732 HP.
In free fall past the summit of the 2,000 meter high Grimming down into the valley.
You have a breathtaking view of the mighty mountain range between Ennstal and Hinterberger valley.


Quick information on frequently asked questions

Helicopter tandem jump

A helicopter flight is an exclusive experience combined with a breathtaking view of the mighty mountain range between Ennstal and Hinterberger Tal.

Your experience begins with a helicopter flight, at the foot of the Grimming or “mons altissimus styriae” the highest in Styria, as our ancestors called it, and ends with a parachute jump.

The jump from a hovering helicopter cannot be compared to the jump from an airplane. A real free fall.
When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Vouchers are sent by email and can be printed out immediately.

Answers to frequently asked questions


Vouchers can be bought online.

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Online payment methods – prepayment, credit card, PayPal, Sofort.

Payment on site – cash payment only.

Delivery – the voucher is sent by email and can be printed out immediately.
Post delivery is possible for an extra charge.

Requirements – min. Size 1.35m / max. Weight 90kg to 115kg possible for a surcharge of € 50. Persons under the age of 18 require the consent of a parent

Glasses and contact lenses can be worn.

Duration about 60 minutes. Please calculate with 2 to 3 hours (weather).

Spectators – Your family and friends can wait, watch, film and take photos right next to the landing zone.

Altitude- 3.300 meters.


Course of Jump Safety

Course of the jump
Off you go!

Adjustment of passenger harness


Time required: approx. 1 hour. Plan with 2 to 3 hours as there may be delays (wind / clouds / rain).
Requirements: minimum size 1.40 m, maximum body weight 90 kg (up to 110 kg with surcharge possible)
Clothing: sporty clothing and sneakers. Glasses and contact lenses are not a problem.

Adjustment of passenger harness

Adjustment of passenger harness

To be safely connected with the tandem master during the free fall, you will be equipped with a passenger harness, which will later be connected to the harness of your tandem master. You will get long trousers, a jumper, protective goggles as well as clothes for dirt protection straight from the parachute centre.

Briefing for the course of the jump

Briefing for the course of the jump

Your tandem master will brief you in the course of the jump, you basically can’t do anything wrong. But there are a few things which help your tandem master and add to your safety. The briefing takes about five to ten minutes.

Boarding the plane


Seating order and behaviour in the helicopter or airplane will be explained, harnesses will be checked one more time.

Repetition of briefing

Repetition of briefing

Before the drop zone is reached, the most important things will be reviewed again.

Connecting of the harnesses

Connecting of the harnesses

The passenger harness will be connected safely with the harness of the tandem master. The harness material has a breaking load of 3.000 kg. The passenger harness is connected on four different locations with the harness of the tandem master.

The jump

The jump

As practised during the briefing, the jump position is taken up. The tandem pilot and the passenger sit down at the open plane door and let their legs hang outside. The passenger holds on to the passenger belts at the side, puts his head in his neck and pushes his pelvis forward. Time to go!

Free fall

Free fall

After a brief acceleration period you will stay in free fall for about one minute at a velocity of about 200 km/h. Nothing comes closer to the feeling of freedom!
When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Opening of the parachute

Opening of the parachute

The parachute slows down the fall gently. The parachute takes 300 m, which are about six seconds to slow you down from 200 km/h back to nearly 0 km/h. The tandem master will start the opening procedure at about 1.500 m above ground at the latest.

The open parachute

The open parachute

At about 1.000 m above earth, your tandem master will explain to you, how you let the fully steerable surface glider float down to earth. If you want to glide gently or descend rapidly in spirals, it is up to you.



You are back on Mother Earth. Shortly before touching down, your tandem master will signal you to lift your legs to make sure, the tandem master touches down first. Only when the parachute ceases to move forward you can put your legs on the ground.

What they say
after the drop

„Thank you for this amazing feeling!“

A fantastic day,
Wnice people and the great idea
of jumping out of a helicopter made this day unforgettable.
Thanks to the entire team !



We would like to thank you in all its form!
We were thrilled and flashed by our jump.
You have a totally pleasant atmosphere on the airfield
and the tandem masters are extremely chilled out :)
You have fulfilled a great wish for us!

We warmly recommend you to our friends
and I am sure that we will see each other again soon!


„Pure adrenaline“

Thank you very much
for an unforgettable and breathtaking tandem jump.