Fallschirmspringen Steiermark

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Media proprietor and responsible for contents:

Fallschirmzentrum Niederöblarn (“FZN”)
Flugplatz 83
8960 Niederöblarn

Tel.: +43 660 316 9994
ZVR-Nr: 1903623832
(number in the ZVR register of associations)

Competent authority
Landespolizeidirektion Steiermark
Sicherheits- und Verwaltungspolizeiliche Abteilung
Polizeikommissariat Leoben

ZVR-Nr: 1903623832

Group Representatives

Chairman: Schöpf Christian
Deputy: Klaus Karner

Purpose of the association:

The purpose of the association, whose activity is not profit-oriented, is to promote the sport of parachuting for physical and moral training by means of training methods that are easily accessible to everyone and comply with the applicable laws. The purpose of the association shall be achieved through the activities listed in para. 1.
a. Exercise of all aviation sports, with the main focus on parachuting.
b. Physical training of the members, using all sport types to obtain or maintain the ability to fly and jump.
c. Carrying out tandem trial jumps to recruit new members and tandem training jumps in the course of training.
d. Providing instruction, club-oriented basic and advanced training, theoretical and practical training in the management and maintenance of aircraft and aviation equipment.

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What they say
after the drop

„Thank you for this amazing feeling!“

A fantastic day,
Wnice people and the great idea
of jumping out of a helicopter made this day unforgettable.
Thanks to the entire team !



We would like to thank you in all its form!
We were thrilled and flashed by our jump.
You have a totally pleasant atmosphere on the airfield
and the tandem masters are extremely chilled out :)
You have fulfilled a great wish for us!

We warmly recommend you to our friends
and I am sure that we will see each other again soon!


„Pure adrenaline“

Thank you very much
for an unforgettable and breathtaking tandem jump.